Mosaic allows everyone to be an artist.

Klaske van Coeverden has specialized in glass mosaic. Her courses include professional support, the correct techniques, an enormous choice of stock and working in a very inspirational environment! When taking a course or doing a workshop of your choice you will be able to create the most beautiful mosaic artworks yourself.
Would you like to have an artwork custom made? This also is possible at ‘Mozaiek met Klaske’.
What is glass mosaic? Why do I enjoy working with glass forms like smalti and millefiori (handmade glass from Italy)? With vitreous glass, cathedral glass, recycled glass and all sorts of various types of glass from all over the world?
Because with glass you can create limitless variations of colored reflections, depth, height, transparency, opacity and form. You can illustrate any story, it being abstract, figurative or fantastical. All is possible!
I would love to pass on this discipline of art to you!

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Mosaic courses in the autumn of 2018
In September a new season of courses will start. Choose the one you like and register!
What is the content of the course?

You will learn how to make a beautiful mosaic artwork in an uncomplicated manner. The novice will start the first lesson learning how to handle the presented tools, working materials and the basic techniques. They will be taught how to employ these in various ways and to various subjects. During the following lessons you will choose your own subject to work on. Whilst learning the required techniques you will realize this artwork. There are many examples present which can help you form ideas. Each idea will first be evaluated to check whether it is suitable for a glass mosaic, and if it is, which colours could be used best and which method would be most appropriate. There is a unique collection of tesserae to choose from in well over 1000 different colours.

Is prior knowledge necessary?
No. We will always work in small groups allowing individual support for each participant. Tools will include mosaic wheeled nippers (Leponitt), or a hammer and hardie

How long does a course take and what does it cost?
€230,00 12 lessons plus 2 catch-up lessons.
From 3, 4, 5 September to 10, 11, 12 December
€140,00 There is also a punch-card available for 7 lessons.
Valid only within the Autumn of 2018 season. There is only limited amount of these cards available.
Included are the use of professional tools and presented materials.
The dates will be addressed during the first lesson and confirmed on the website.

The timetable:
Monday and Tuesday afternoon from 13:30 to 16:00
Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 19:30 to 22:00

Number of participants: Minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 to each group.


Workshop, open registration
During a workshop you will be making a lovely piece of art in a way that is easy to comprehend.
Included in the workshop are presented materials and the use of tools and professional support. And a nice cup of hot coffee or tea with a little treat to go with it.
Not included are the materials you might want to purchase if you wish to continue at home.
The workshop will go ahead at a minimum of 3 participants.

  • Workshop (3 hours) from €30,00 p.p. commencement will be deliberated.
  • Workshop (10:00 – 17:00) €95:00 p.p. use of a prepared design. Does not include lunch during the break from 12:15 to 13:00.
  • Workshop mosaic techniques (9:30 – 17:30) €145 p.p. This workshop is also available as an individual lesson. Does not include lunch during the break from 12:15 to 13:00

If you are interested in learning the basic techniques or looking to refresh your knowledge then a workshop Mosaic Techniques could be the right choice for you.
You will receive instructions on how to work with glass. These instructions will address the basic arrangement techniques as well as glueing techniques and methods.
Included is everything you need to practice on; tesserae and an mdf panel sized 30×30 cm.
You can continue working at home using your acquired basic techniques with your own materials. It is possible to purchase various glass types and tools at my studio. You are required to pay cash as there is no atm available in the studio.
If you register for the first upcoming workshop you will receive a surprise gift!

Workshops for groups
Workshops for groups last 3 hours or longer and cost €25,00 p.p.
Each participant will make their own unique artwork! Possible in the studio or at a location elsewhere.
Studio workshops
Together we can decide on a subject in advance. Hardly any cutting needs to be done.
Location elsewhere
Together we can decide on a subject in advance. There are several colour packs available to choose from. Hardly any cutting needs to be done.

If you would like your artwork to be grouted there will be an extra charge of €15. It is not possible to create a complicated design in 3 hours.
You are not intended to bring your own materials unless you have consulted first.

Group projects: creating a project together
Workshop group project: 3 hours or longer in the studio costs from €150,00 per subject
Workshop group project: 3 hours or longer at a location of choice costs from €300,00 per subject

Not included are materials for usage at home. The workshop will go ahead at a minimum of 6 participants. There is a maximum of 14 participants possible in the studio. Larger groups could be possible at your location of choice.
Extra hours can be added to the workshop at the cost of €35 per hour. If you have chosen for an alternative location there will be a kilometer allowance from 15km onwards.

In deliberation you can decide to create a larger project, as an unique present, e.g. an anniversary or wedding, a birthday or for family or friends.
A panel, mirror or tabletop, the company logo or a panel with a particular subject are amongst the many examples.

Alternative location:
Company logo or panel: Together with collegues and staff it is possible to create your company logo in a glass mosaic. I can fully prepare it in advance. Please visit me or contact me for more details.

Are you interested? Make an appointment!

Due to Asthma you are kindly requested not to wear strong perfume. And if you smoke, please grant yourself a good airing before entering the studio.

Interested? For further information please forward the following details.
I shall contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.